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Do I Need Counselling?

Reasons for coming to counselling 

I believe that there are times when we need support and understanding from someone other than our close friends and family. It does not necessarily mean that we are in crisis, but that we just need a space in which to talk and be heard without judgement. A space in which we can give ourselves a chance to think and explore our thoughts, feelings and emotions in a calm and warm environment. As a trained counsellor, for me it is all about listening to you, thinking and working together to help you through difficult times and also to help you make those shifts in your life towards a more contented and evolved version of yourself.   

There are many reasons why we may seek help through counselling.

Here are some reasons:- 



Obsessive thinking 

Low self-esteem 

Relationship or family issues 


Stress or anxiety 

Physical, emotional or sexual abuse 


Needing to make changes in your life 

Loss – divorce, work, a change in your circumstances 

Sex & sexuality 


These are just a few of the issues that you may need help with, and if you are not sure what the problem is but you just don’t feel “right” maybe consider the following and whether one from this list or more applies to you:- 


Constantly tired and exhausted 

Loss of interest in activities/hobbies 

Continual anxiety 

Feeling tearful – over or under emotional 

Feelings of unhappiness or hopelessness 

Difficulty making decisions 

Feeling disconnected from others 

Disrupted sleep patterns 

Lack of self-esteem 

Emotional numbness 

Lack of motivation and hope 

Loss of sex drive 


Any issues that are affecting your life adversely, however large or small they may seem to you, are important and together we can explore ways to help you move towards a more balanced and happier life. 


Benefits of coming to counselling include: 


Improve relationships and the ability to relate to others 

Help integrate painful memories and feelings 

Adapt to lifestyle changes 

Find supportive coping strategies 

Offer healing for the loss of loved ones 

Reduce anxiety and anxiety producing thoughts 

Become more accepting of yourself 

Manage stress 


“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.” – Helen Keller 

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